Posted by: kristinabundy | April 27, 2010

Death at 25

This is one of those PR conections that works for this class but is also kinda morbid. I found the story of Eva Makvoort and the blog65 Red Roses she keeps to fill in family, friends and the world about the end of her life after a long battle with cystic fibrosis. I think what Eva is doing is fantastic because she’s helping other people with terminal diseases as well as herself face the truth. She is also taking away some of the stigma of death for others. By being so open about her own experience with death she has also helped others accept death. If you want to read more about this blog you can find it here.



  1. Aw this is sad! I think that it is an inspiring story to those who also are battling a terminal disease and it is admirable that Eva Makvoort used her unfortunate fate as a way to help other people deal with dying or other people deal with the death of one of their loved ones. The promotion of such stories is a way to help society as a whole deal with hard situations. It goes to show that humane efforts from anyone don’t go unnoticed and even if you can help one person by sharing your story, you have lived a successful life!

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