Posted by: kristinabundy | April 4, 2010

Six ways Gmail revolutionized e-mail

I was onCNN’s webiste the other day and I came across an article written for Pete Cashmore’s blog entitled “Six ways Gmail revolutionized e-mail” and as one of Gmail’s millions of users I was of course curious to see what Pete had to say. I agree with his article which you can read at the above link and I learned a lot in the process. The six ways that Gmail revolutionized e-mail was through (1) more space, (2)the perpetual beta, (3) conversation threading, (4) labels, not folders, (5) archive, don’t delete and (6) targeted ads.
I was for example unaware that Gmail was the first to popularize the use of threaded conversations, where you can see the string of messages instead of only the the last message sent. I can’t imagine having to go back and forth searching for e-mails about different conversations, I mean even my texting is threaded how could e-mail not be? The sheer amount of space Google offers to email users is also incredible, and I didn’t realize until reading this article that Gmail was the first to have 1GB and 2GB storage capacity for users, which is ridiculously helpful with any e-mails or projects that you would like to have access to from multiple locations. Carrying around a zip drive can be risky because they are so small and can be easily lost, but being able to save things to Gmail as well as your PC can save time and stress when you need documents and information.

The article is a testament to Google from which Gmail is provided, because Google found a way to not only become the most widely used search engine but is also one of the most used e-mail providers in the world. While other companies are concerned with losing users and competition from new companies, Google has found a way to keep itself constantly used and needed. I know I almost also use Google as a search engine because my Gmail and Google Docs are also right there, ready to go. Google has managed to change the way we use not only e-mail, but the internet.



  1. I never knew that Gmail was the first to do this either but dang, good for them. Haha I totally understand why though because like you said, even my texts are threaded! It also says a lot about Google. It’s just one more thing that sets them apart from other search engines! Gota’ love Google 🙂

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  3. This was a really good article. You never really think about the differences in email servers, I had no idea that Gmail was so different and the first to do this. Almost everyone I know now has a gmail account, even the school’d email is through email. Google is just taking over the internet, anyone remember the days of AOL..:).. Thanks for the post!

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  6. My very first email that I set up was a yahoo account. I was a loyal yahoo account user until I got persuaded by my brother and sister in law to get a Gmail account. Ever since that day I am now a Gmail lover. I love the threaded conversions (even though sometimes I get confused) and I also didn’t know that Google was the first to popularize. I also enjoy the fact that my Gmail account does not delete my emails. But I did not know that Google was the first to archive them. Thank you Google to revolutionize e-mail to better suit my needs!

  7. What a great article! I have recently began to use gmail more and i’m in the process of figuring out the documents and picture features. I love that the documents can be saved onto the ‘server’ and can be pulled up anywhere. This is also nice when working in groups and needing to share the information between people because everyone can access the information that you share. I also like the fact that so many people have gmail so you can ‘gchat’ all of your friends! That is…if they are not on facebook at the time! ☺ I’m looking forward to learning more about gmail and it’s features!

  8. You know, I do like having all my emails linked together with threading like you discussed, but I have noticed that on My Georgia Southern’s email system (that uses g-mail), whenever I get new threads from the other sender to our already established message, it doesn’t always let me know there is a new thread, like it would if there was a new email. Is this a problem you have experienced at all? If not- since you are a g-mail user, do you know how I can fix this?

    Also, I was as impressed as you were about how much space Google offers each user to store information. There is no telling with how many users there are, how much space Google is having to provide. That’s one heck of a web-service!

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